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Belarus presents state e-commerce in China-Belarus Industrial Park



Not much more than a decade ago, the China-Belarus Industrial Park (or Great Stone) was just an idea. Development of the park dates back to May 12, 2015, when an inspection tour of the area by leaders of China and Belarus accelerated its progress.

Highlighting the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries, an online store named the "Belarus National Pavilion", which is authorized by the Belarusian government and operated by the China-Belarus Industrial Park, opened on July 6.

Performers play Belarusian folk instruments during the July ceremony to celebrate the curtain-raising on the Belarus National Pavilion and the 30th anniversary of China-Belarus diplomatic ties. [Photo/Sinomach]

It is the first time for Belarusian products to be displayed on a national level e-commerce platform in China, which signifies that the park has developed cross-border e-commerce trade and that China-Belarus trade cooperation has stepped into a new chapter.

First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Nikolai Snopkov notes in his video remarks on July 6 that the Belarus National Pavilion online shop will further expand cooperation between China and Belarus. [Photo/Sinomach]

Nikolai Snopkov, first deputy prime minister of the Republic of Belarus, addressed the opening ceremony via video link. He said that the China-Belarus Industrial Park is the largest overseas industrial park built by a Chinese enterprise and as such is a demonstration project of the Belt and Road cooperation, adding that it will help China-Belarus cooperation find its stride.

Snopkov also stressed that the positioning of the Belarus National Pavilion online store on the Chinese e-commerce platform proves that Belarus and China are keeping pace with the era of digital economy.

Over the past 30 years, China-Belarus ties have been lifted from a friendly cooperative relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership of mutual trust and win-win cooperation, with bilateral cooperation bearing rich fruit in various fields.

The Belarus National Pavilion debuts on the popular Chinese e-commerce platforms JD and Douyin on July 6. [Photo/Sinomach]

The Belarus National Pavilion, in cooperation with Chinese e-commerce giant JD and Chinese popular short-video platform Douyin (China's TikTok), will tailor Belarusian products befitting the Chinese market in an effort to help their exports.

It will also underline the importance of the China-Belarus Industrial Park in bilateral economic and trade cooperation and explore a broader platform for economic and trade cooperation between the two countries.

The store now offers well-received Belarusian delicacies such as chocolate, cereal and potato chips. More selected products such as dairy products, household supplies and skin care products that are popular among Chinese consumers will soon be on the shelves.

As of now, the Douyin account of the Belarus National Pavilion has gained more than 200,000 followers and received nearly 500,000 likes.

As a model of mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Belarus, the Sinomach-built park, during its construction, employed thousands of local people and stimulated consumption in dozens of sectors such as building materials, mechanical equipment and engineering supplies.

Many projects included in the park won the Belarusian Award for Engineering Excellence, and one won the 2018 China Construction Engineering Luban Prize (Overseas Projects).

In addition, the park was named the best special economic zone involved in the Belt and Road Initiative in the Global Free Economic Zone Ratings 2020, an event held by fDi Magazine, the world's premier publication for the business of globalization.

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